Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snowy Trail Running 101

The training schedule said 3 hours today - no matter the sport. Yesterday Mr. Weatherman predicted 44 and a chance of snow/rain showers. The plan was to swim at 9:00 am since a swim meet will close the pool at 11:00 (and I'm kayaking rolling on Sunday - so no swimming Sunday), then run in Weiser to simulate the 7 mile trail run in 3 weeks. There was a trainer ride early in the AM so I didn't have to worry about the bike. Daylight comes, and its SNOWING! Not just a shower - but a semi-blizzard! The wind was whipping, snow was pelting my face like needles, and normal folks would say "its terrible outside." It was great! I think I got myself psyched enough that the weather didn't matter, and it was SO nice to be outside for a change. The route was to be the 2 mile climb to the top of the mountain, then the 2 mile rocky Rock's Ridge trail, then back down the 2 mile descent. A nice little 6 mile loop that was about 400 feet shy of the climbing in the Humdinger race. The climb was good...only about 2 inches of snow on the trails so no issues there. Rock's Ridge was a different story -- I lasted the 1st part of Rock's Ridge west and bailed onto Wolf Pond. It just wasn't worth a sprained ankle trying to 1) figure out where the rock's were under the snow and then 2) don't slip on them in the snow! The run ended up being 5.5 miles, but that's was still nice to be out. Ironmine trail was PAINFUL going down. The legs will probably hurt tomorrow.

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