Sunday, December 19, 2010

Feeling the Affects of a Bad Diet

Non-holiday season is pretty much a healthy-food eating lifestyle. Well, at least I try on a daily basis and yes, I give in every now and then, but not often. But when the holidays arrive - ferget it! I must be related to Elf and I too agree the major food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. The fight to resist temptation to over-indulge on bad food all year is shot to hell come Christmas. My thoughts of being healthy by not eating dairy, sugar, and fats are just that at Christmas - a tiny little thought stored in the unused portion of my brain. Cookies, cheesecake, cheese, cheese balls, and desserts dance around on my cheesy belly from Rick's birthday (December 12) to New Year's. There's no resistance to a lovely slice of New York Cheesecake with sour cream topping. I know the multitude of bad about cheese cake (and you know it's pretty much ALL bad - saturated fat, factory-farmed dairy products laced with growth hormones and force fed government-subsidized corn that is tainted with genetic modification, and processed graham crackers also tainted with genetically modified and highly processed grains. I told you I know the good and bad stuff!). Yet, at Christmas, I indulge. May be this year will be the year I'll pass on it all because yesterday came yet another sign of my need to pay attention to what I'm feeding my supposedly-in-training-for-the-TSE body. It was cold, so a trainer ride was in order. This time though, I knew I had to eat a little more to get through it, so I did. But I've also been eating more the past two days and the more is all bad stuff - cookies from a work party, vege pizza complete with cheese; candy, chocolate meltaways, crystallized ginger, etc. There was no energy and the ride was shorted by about 3/4 of hour. I felt awful yet again but this time was not a lack of food feeling. It was a sluggish, lack-luster, low-energy feeling. It's an eye-opener when your body sends signals of the lack of proper nutrition and too much fatty, sugary, non-essentials. Part of me is really tired of thinking about food, yet the part that keeps my legs from turning the way they should on the bike reminds me, I better be thinking - and thinking hard. Yesterday's feeling will make me pass on the cheesecake that I'll spend a couple hours making on Thursday. It's a creation, but it'll be for my family who loves it dearly. This year, I have more important foodstuff to focus on. I have a 7-day mountain bike event to be ready for in 5 months and 1 week!

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