Monday, December 27, 2010

Endurance Period 2 Wrap Up - Over the Hump for Winter Training

Believe it or not, we are in week 12 of the 20 week winter training plan. So that means only 8 more weeks of winter, right? Yeh -- I'm not in the winter/cold/snow mode this year since all I want to do is bike my ass off and its much, much nicer when its warm. I don't want it to snow (getting that wish here in central PA!), I'm wishing for warming temps to get outside to ride, and I'm getting tired of the trainer; although I'm sure the past two weeks are why I'm a tad weary of the trainer and will be raring to go next week. Endurance Period #2 was just finished up yesterday. It was a two-week stint of a planned 17.5 and 18.0 hours. Being a working girl and with the Christmas holiday AND the cold temps preventing me (not Donna!) from getting out, I didn't hit those hours. I did, however, eek out a 13-hr and 12-hr week -- all but 3 hours on the trainer which may explain the weariness of it. Both of the weeks included another 2 hours or so of core work bringing the final tally to 15ish hours for both weeks. Given my prior-years training hours were never this high, I'm a happy camper even without hitting the planned 17.5/18 hours. This week is a very welcome REST and I won't have any trouble whatsoever adhering to the plan. The plan is to also drop the 5 pounds gained since Thanksgiving. Damn cookies, cheese, and lack of willpower.

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