Sunday, December 19, 2010

Endurance Week Wrap Up

At first I was really bummed that I didn't get the planned 17.5 hours in. I made it to 15.75. Then, I remembered I NEVER rode more than about 12 hours in a week and I just put in 13.50 saddle hours this week. That's a record! OK - I'm happy now. It was a cold 28 degrees today, but tolerable since there was no wind. Since it costs $3.00 to drive to the mountain bike trails closest to us, I decided to ride out of the house to the local mountain trails. There was climbing, a handful of rocks, and a fun bushwhacking section that had me walking back up the mountain. I was trying to see where the trail went and it pretty much went no where forcing me to turn around. Oh well. There was also a sign that no one can resist to see what it means: "Restricted area. Stay out." Of course I had to go look. The spot I ride was coal-mined years ago. And the restricted area is yet another cave in of an old mine shaft. They put a single strand of wire around it and hang up the restricted area signs - hardly enough to keep anyone or anything out. There are numerous deep holes/mine shafts in this mountain and valley and some are pretty scary. My dad tells the story of my grandpa going to work in the coal mines by walking through a tunnel in the mountain. Interesting times 75 years ago. There are very few operating coal mines left but numerous abandoned mines. Today I was sharing the mountain with horse back riders and 4-wheelers. But I didn't mind any of them because we were all where we weren't supposed to be but I saw aboslutely no signs whatsoever that said we couldn't be there. The horse folks had their truck and trailer parked out in the open for anyone to see they were riding where they shouldn't. At least a bike and 4-wheeler can sort of sneak in, but the horses can't. Odd they didn't seem to care much. I guess that's proof the land owners really don't mind anymore. The endurance week was good overall. The longest days were 3:15 hours, 3:00, and 2:30 - well on my way to being ready for 7-days straight in 5 months and 1 week. I'm happy with it.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

It was a beautiful day for a ride yesterday!! :-)