Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowbound - Again!

This is the the third time this year we got enough snow to be snowed in for a day or so. We were on the boundary line of a major noreaster blizzard or nothing but wind. Amazingly, while the girls at work in Harrisburg were telling me they only got wind with a dusting of snow, 40 miles northeast of the Capital City on the edge of Schuylkill county, I'm snowed in with maybe 8-10 inches of snow and drifts only heavy equipment are going to move. We live along a state-maintained road, and even they had to bring in the heavy-duty equipment to move the drifts. My dad with his four-wheel-drive tractor had to take to the fields to get to our house 'cause the road was totally blown shut all day on Friday. It was awesome! Not for my poor dad though... he's tired of plowing. So Rick and I took to the fields for over two hours. If the snow is right, we have the perfect slope to practice tele-turns and boy did Rick practice. I think he's hurting today. I XC skiied arcross the slope back and forth, up and down. We had a blast. But I'm ready to get back to pedals, paddles, and rubber soles.


DailySAHM said...

I am so jealous. The snow was indeed a total dud in Harrisburg.

brett said...

lucky devils.