Sunday, February 7, 2010

Only a Foot of Snow

"Only" a foot? Actually, we're feeling pretty darn lucky to get that much. It's been a while since the Lykens valley got a decent snowfall. We went the entire winter last year without having a need to plow our driveway. Yesterday's foot was a welcome sight indeed. Cross country skiing out our backdoor is the best. You can see from the pictures we are completely surrounded by farmland and it's the best for X-country skiing - espcially when the snowmobilers groomed some nice paths for us to follow. Rick was making me break trail until we found the snowmobile tracks. Breaking trail in a foot of soft snow sucks -- except for the good workout you get. And from the looks of the long-range forecast, the snow will be here for at least two weeks. Ain't gonna get out on the bike in the woods any time soon. It was a beauty of day, and a beauty of a snowstorm.

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DailySAHM said...

Nice photos! I need to get mine off the camera and post them. Gwen, as you can imagine, was LOVING the snow. All 2 feet of it. While I was glad to see significant snowfall my back is sore from shoveling. And I only did half of what Chris did.