Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mandolin Fever

Oh do I have the fever. I haven't even strung a note and am totally hooked. The You Tube videos on mandolin playing are fantastic. There are jam sessions, Zeppelin tunes, and lessons. Wow. And yes, I'm already saving my money for a real mandolin - not like the toy I just ordered. Only $3,499.95 for this one. Handmade by "Ron Cole" in Idaho. Just lovely. I'll be combing the web on Mandolins for the next couple months. I found a very cool website called Mandolin Cafe that has tons and tons of info. Rick said if I get as good as the guys on You tube (HA!) he'll let me spend the money. And I haven't even strung a note.

1 comment:

DailySAHM said...

It's pretty! Who cares if you can play it, at least you'll look good walking around with it hanging from your shoulders! :-)