Sunday, February 21, 2010

Always Something Going On

We were invited to the Sunbury YMCA by Mike Moyer of Selinsgrove, a member of the Harrisburg Canoe Club who's been coming to the roll sessions at the Cumberland Valley High School. CV is a hike from Selinsgrove, so he rented the Sunbury pool and we rolled. The pool is small, but our group was 6 strong so the small group was perfect. I must admit, I'm getting a little better at rolling and don't have to get out of the boat at all any more -- if I miss, I use Rick's bow for a rescue. It's working great. And today, I sat my ass on the trainer for 3 hours. Oh the pain, but a necessary must. I wasn't up for Coach Troy's teaching this time around so I watched Legally Blonde (stupid, but absolutely adorable), and listened to Tiesto to get through those 3 hours. Yes, 'tis the time of year when you can't miss those three-hour trainer sessions if you wanna do long stuff in the spring.

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brett said...

you listen to tiesto? wow!