Monday, November 24, 2008

Philadelphia Marathon

Yesterday was the 15th running of the Philadelphia Marathon along with a half, 8K and a kid's race. These races pull a heck of a lot more people than any race I ever entered -- Over 7,000 in the full marathon and over 5,000 in the half. What made me look? I actually know 3 people that raced it and one of them is my nephew! The first is our famed Xterra Chic from Bryn Mawr - Sue Ann Clark. She finished in 3:50 -- an 8:47 pace! To me, that's incredible -- I can barely run that fast when I'm going all out let alone do it for 26 miles?! I'm in awe. And my nephew? Guess I never mentioned there's a runner in the family. I guess I never knew it either! He did it with his girlfriend, Katie. Her and Justin both did the half marathon and it looks like she did it in 2:23 and Justin in 3:05. I'll get details on Thanksgiving. And for you Carlisle folks, here's a guy you might know: Josh Beck was 25th overall!!! He raced 26 miles in 2:35 -- a 5:54 pace. That's not human. Full results are here. Reading all this makes we want to go run a mile or two.

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SueAnne said...

Thank you Jill!!!
This is such an honor to be written like this on your blog!

-Ya need to get on facebook now ;)