Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not Even Open Heart Surgery Would Stop Him

My hubby Ricky is a die-hard, obsessed kayaker and he ran the Tohickon Creek today - while my mother was recouperating from emergency open-heart, triple bypass surgery less than 24 hours ago! The nerve of him, huh! So my plans to hike/ride bike next to the creek were squashed as I did my daughterly thang and visited the hospital with my dear 78 dear-old dad. Rick was pleased with the Tohickon trip and portaged one section (this picture), and swam once. And my mother? She's as tough as nails and is already up and walking. Nutty weekend with lots of changed plans. Next week or two will be goofy too as she comes home and gets back on her feet.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Wow...glad to hear your Mom is doing better! it's amazing how life can send you in a different direction at a moments notice...Brett missed Mtec to spend the day with his Dad in the ER...he's ok now! I hope you're still able to come down next Sunday--we found some awesome new trails yesterday....
Have a great week! :)