Monday, June 21, 2010

Girlie Mountain Bike Ride in Michaux State Forest

It's not often I get out with the girls on a nice, long mountain bike ride. But this past weekend I found the time to make the trek to the wondrous Michaux State Forest (1.5 hrs from home one way), to ride with Donna, Nancy and Sally. Yes, I was a bit intimidated by the skill of these girls. Donna's been riding like a pro of late in prep for a 7-day straight mountain bike trek through Scotland in August, and both Sally and Nancy are pretty darn good racers. And the planned time was 3-4 hours, 25-30 miles. Huh?! Are you guys kidding me? Ok…. I'll suck it up and see what happens. It was awesome. The racer types weren't racing (thank you girls!) and the pro was keeping her cool. The old gal sorta kept up (except when they put rocks in my backpack) and endured the full 3.5 hours. We rode the ICON of Michaux Mountain biking for one last time - Grave's Ridge. The trail is slated to become a logging access road in the near future. Thus, the rocks in my backpack (and you thought I was kidding) were Grave's Ridge mementos. How sad it is to see that trail go. We rode about 20 of some of the most beautiful trail Michaux has to offer. It was a lovely day in the woods. Even climbing in Michaux is nice. What a great playground.