Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10-Day Vacation Wrap-up

75.25 Bike miles
36.33 Run/Walk miles
9,375 Calories Burned

That's only the fun stuff. This doesn't include turning compost, hauling compost to the beds, planting seed crops, pulling weed trees, and the biggest time-consuming, stresser-outer I've experienced yet in the backyard -- picking strawberries. What a HUGE pain-in-the-ass. And on top of it, Rick did nothing but complain about my inept ability to plant a strawberry patch and it's way too thick. Yes, I know Rick. Now please stop it! Yes, the plants paid for themselves twice in the past 10 days, but I feel like I'm turning into a strawberry. I planted 50 plants last year and this year all 50 plants and their daughters decided to have red babies. They started ripening the day I started vacation and I have to pick every day averaging about 2-4 boxes a day. Yes, you read that right. I picked 22 boxes of strawberries in the past 10 days AND I'M SICK OF PICKING STRAWBERRIES! It takes an hour or more a picking; because they are planted way too close together and I have to dig and root to find the berries. My back can barely take it. And then another hour cutting up and freezing the damn things. I'm totally stressing out now that I'm back to work and have to figure out when I'm going to find the time to pick berries. I'm mowing them over when they are done. Can't deal with it. Will save for retirement. ARGH!!!