Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inspiring Vids and Race Reports

Last fall, when the Kuhn and Adams team announced their new mountain bike stage race, the Transylvania Epic, the thought crossed my mind I'd love to do it. Reality set in and there was no way I could muster up enough time in the saddle to be ready for such a beast. Add in the entry cost of about a grand and that sealed the future of riding the Epic someday.

But guess what's going on right now, this week. The Epic. And I'm fixated to the blogs and stage reports folks are putting out. THEY ARE SUCH AWESOME READS. And yes, they are totally inspiring. Rebecca Rusch brought tears to my eyes just like the time I balled my eyes out watching Jamie Whitmore win Xterra Worlds and I started training for Xterras. You know where that got me -- in Hawaii! Rebecca Rusch is my new inspiration. Watch her video about the EPIC and you'll be inspired too. For those that don't know Rebecca, she's a professional adventure racer for several years now and she's doing the Epic. I always admired women adventure racers 'cause they are right there by the guys doing exactly what the guys do at their pace. They are amazing women. Strong, fast, and super-fit. While not an adventure racer (although I'll bet its crossed her mind!) Fit Chick fits that bill too -- and she's winning the Epic at the moment.

Here are some really good blogs from racers at the EPIC. I don't know who the Back Bay guy is, but his blog postings are awesome reads.

Rebecca Rusch Blog
Back Bay Cycling Club (guy from Massachusetts)
Mike Cushionbury - Bicycling Mag
Team Cystic Fybrosis (Selene Yeager, a.k.a. Fit Chick, Women's Duo, and another guy from CF)
A guy from Ketchum Idaho

Get me out from behind this desk and on a bike seat! I gotta rethink my activity level.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Chili - D Duo next year?

Chili said...

Man I'd love too... gotta find time to bike!