Friday, June 4, 2010

Michaux Off-Road Half Marathon - June 13, 2010

It's time to come back to reality after a week's worth of watching Transylvania Epic mountain biking videos on While I'd love to hop on my bike and ride for hours on end, the real world ain't gonna let that happen right now and I gotta get back to the focus of running and another inaugural event - the Michaux off-road half marathon. June 13 is the inaugural event, and like the Epic, the group will likely be small for this first race but hopefully word will spread it will grow. Michaux state forest is known for its incredible mountain bike trails and they are equally awesome on foot. No matter the weather, it'll be nice to get out and do 13 miles in the woods on foot. It's a long drive for me (two hours to Caledonia state park), but worth it. Am I ready? Yup. I hit 11 miles off road two weeks ago and didn't feel too bad. Yes, I walked some of it, but who cares. It's nice to get out from behind the desk. See you on the trails!