Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trying to be a Tough Mudder on a Rainy Weekend

Every morning starts with this 10 pounder between my legs, under my butt, on each side of me, and over my head. What better way to start your day? Ha! This weekend was rainy, rainy, and rainy - perfect weather for a tough mudder, eh? It poured all day Saturday and the wind was so intense it made Rick go out and cuss at the corner of the house. "Mother fucker." If you could have heard Rick standing at the corner of the house cussing it. You see, the wind pulled up a corner of the siding and started pulling it off. It has been a problem for a while now and maybe Rick was cussing at himself for not fixing it when it first happened. He likes to tape it down and the tape came loose and the wind caught it. Well... it's taped again until next time I get to be entertained with Rick cussing the corner of the house. I was also entertained on Saturday by a Quentin Tarantino movie -- Inglourious Basterds. OMG. Talk about a typical Quentin movie -- right down to the HUGO STIGLITZ, cartoonish wording splashing across the screen. The story line and how it was played out is also typical Quentin. Scalping Nazis? "The Bear Jew?" Burning Hitler and his men in a movie theatre? And one of my favorite lines, "Now take your wiener -schnitzel finger and point out on this map where they are." It was the perfect movie to watch on a rainy day sitting on the trainer for a couple hours. It rained a little more on Sunday, but I already planned on a trail run for two reasons: to check out the bike trails to see how things fared over the winter and to get a nice 6 mile run in. I covered myself in rain gear and hit the trails. Mission accomplished, although trail runs after a wind storm aren't exactly a solid, good run since you have to continually stop and move crap and watch your step. But I got 'er in with a couple snap shots in between. Check out to see the update on the trails. So yes, the rainy weekend was a good one to prep for the Tough Mudder. Now that the time changed, it can only get better.


DailySAHM said...

I love that movie. The final line is my favorite.

I'm not up to 6 miles yet. Crap. Planning 5 on Thursday. Six will have to happen next week.

The Wiser Weiser said...

We want to see that movie---i think it's near the top of our queue! Sounds like my weekend only we watched a really stupid movie called "Idiocrasy"!

Chili said...

I watched a stupid movie too -- District 9. the worst. It reminded of the 50's alien movies.