Sunday, March 21, 2010

Countdown 42 (Days to the Tough Mudder) A Training Update

I thought it would be fun to log my Tough Mudder training on this here ole' Blog, just in case Team Mind of Mudder wants to see what their other team mates are doing to prepare (Preston?). I got the idea from Julie & Julia. So the countdown is on -- 42 days to go. Now you might get bored with my routine -- some of it is pretty regimented every day; but that's how I operate. And I won't get on here every day, but will catch you up on days I missed. Soo.... here's countdown day 42 - Sunday:

4:30 am - Core: 10 lb weighted ball hip lifts (50 ea), weighted ball twists (on back, laying legs side to side with ball between knees - 50 ea), weighted ball leans - 40 ea (sit on floor, lean back, twist ball side to side and touch it lightly on floor to your side), 20 push ups, standing twists with pole (75), standing side bends (20). 30 ea 8 lb dumbbell above-head lifts, 30 ea bicep curls with the same 8 lb dumb bells, and 40 ea of those thingys for the backs of your arms where you put the weight ball in your hand and bend your arms behind your head (can't think of what they are called).

9:30 - Trail run in Weiser State Forest. 1:19, 6.3 miles, 12:35 mph pace (here's the calculator -- very cool stuff). Yup... I'm slow as molasses but that's OK. I'm getting the job done. Felt great. Then.... hopped on the mountain bike for a mix of fire road and trail for 1:40 for about 10 miles. Once again, slow as molasses but I got the job done. (Remember you roadies, I was in the woods which means HILLS, rocks, logs to jump, roots, and bumpy trails! Yeah baby... love the hills and dales).

2:00. EAT. Then, check stats from today's workout: Burned 2035 calories, Average HR was 140 for 2 hrs and 58 minutes, the run average HR was 150 and the bike average HR was 130. My early am resting HR was 45.

I can't help but add today's workout was preceded by two days of hard gardening (for those that don't know, I'm an organic gardener which means compost turning, hauling straw bales, turning the soil by hand for my 2100 square feet of garden rather than using the rototiller just cause its not enviornmentally friendly). For the fun of it, I threw on the heart rate monitor to see how hard I really work at gardening and it showed I work at 58% of my max. I go for about 3 hours at a time (that's all my back can handle), and I burn about 303 calories an hour. That means I burned nearly 1000 calories each day on on Friday AND Saturday, and then went on my little endurance trip on Sunday. I'd say maybe my endurance is doing quite well. Did I mention I'm slow as molasses? But I really DO get the job done. Til' next time... train hard!


brett said...

Tricep presses?

You're an animal!

The Wiser Weiser said...


DailySAHM said...

Preston is on a cruise and I highly doubt he's doing any training, except maybe long island iced tea repeats. :-)

My running partner and I may have guilted him into actually running. We'll see when he returns from his trip.

Regardless of how slow we are I am sure we are going to have fun! (Remember to keep telling ourselves that when we're covered in mud and jumping into the freezing pond.)