Thursday, March 25, 2010

37 Days to the Tough Mudder -- Putting the off road to the test

The temps were nice and the rain stayed away so I talked hubby into skipping the YMCA and head home. I really like hill training around my house and the thought of the YMCA treadmill cranked up to a 15% incline just wasn't appealing. You know how sometimes the unplanned workouts turn out to be the absolute best? Last night was one of those nights. What started as another routine run warm-up leading into hill repeats in the horse field, turned into an adventure complete with blood, mud, and today, the tired feeling of a good workout the day before. I fell, crawled, struggled, and got bloody. I was completely drawn to this huge, steep, wooded hill that edges my dad's property. The only way there is straight through the ankle deep creek and swamp - perfect mudder training. The hill itself is fairly open of underbrush which is what attracted me to it -- a nice clear climb to the top. The hill repeats were 2 minutes long, and the HR went into the 170's within 30 seconds. I think the length of the hill might be about 75-100 yards. I did 6 of them. The entire workout was 56 minutes and I can feel today that the higher heart rate took its toll on my body. I had SOOO much fun. I'd get to the top and act like Rocky climbing steps. I was giggling at what my dad would be saying if he saw me... "there's something ain't right with that girl. She musta fell off the high chair when she was little." Now THAT's what exercise is all about -- the fun factor. Today is a day off (except of course for my routine 3:30ish core work). Tomorrow will be a 2-3 hour paddle down the Red Mo Creek but I think I 'll do some trainer work before we go 'cause I can't get a good workout sitting in a boat going downstream. And Sunday is a 10:00 am session in Weiser State Forest. Ride, run -- whatever the weather allows (run if rainy, run and ride if dry and warmish). The run will be about 7 miles. I'll update you Monday morning.


The Wiser Weiser said...

I love those kind of workouts! :) Have fun at the Red Mo---think of us as we're splitting firewood all day!! btw---i can't put down that book (born to run) what a great read!!

Chili said...

Kera read Born to Run too. It's SO inspiring. Makes you wanna just run for miles and miles and forget all your worries!

DailySAHM said...

I couldn't put Born To Run down either. What a great book! My Vibram FiveFingers arrived on Thursday and I can't wait to go for a run in them.

Jill, I all but bonked on Thursday's 6 mile run. First off, I peed myself about 2 miles into it. By mile 3 I was struggling. I don't know how I made it the full 6 and back to the car. Well, yeah I do, my running partner helped me along, otherwise I would have totally walked.

Shortly after the run I got a migraine complete with blurred vision and nausea. Not sure if one was coming on and that's why the run sucked or if I got one because of the run. Regardless, I decided to not swim and run hills on Friday, instead I lifted and did abs for 1.5 hours.

I teach a 2 hour IDC endurance class this morning - hopefully that goes okay.

Thanks for the training motivation!

Chili said...

Sounds like you made the right choice for Friday. Rest IS best! (trust me on that one!). Can't wait to read your post on the five fingers!