Thursday, March 25, 2010

38 Days to the Tough Mudder

My world is crashing in around me... Well, not really; but sometimes it sure feels that way. I mentioned how earlier this week I was tired, tired, tired and I'd let you know how I felt for the workout on Tuesday evening at the YMCA. The workout was excellent... when I wasn't distracted by the mirror monkeys. "Hua... THUMP, Hua.... THUMP, Hua... Thump... "COME ON NOW... YOU CAN DO IT. COME on. COME ON. One more. Who's the man." Actually, they are a determined bunch and you can't help but admire them. But dang boys, tone it down a bit! I got these new headphones that were worthless; thus, I couldn't block them out on Tuesday. But that didn't stop me from a really good, fast-paced run on the treadmill. My quads are still hurting a bit down the front from it. I got in 4.25 miles at an average pace overall of about 9:53 minute mile. During my 42 minutes, I was all over the place with that pace. I would go at an 8:36 pace for two minutes, then back off to a 10:00 minute for two, then repeat for about 5 times. Then I went steady for a 9:42 for about 10 minutes, then backed off to about 12:00 toward the end. The intervals were to build up a little speed and it really felt good to get the old legs turning at a nice clip. I then moved onto a couple weights -- 30 reps each of shoulder press, tricep press, and chest press. These were all on the machines and the weight is sorta light -- about 45 for the shoulders and chest, and 20ish for the triceps (can't recall exactly). Rick was ready to go by that time. Last night was a bust which is why I mentioned my world is crashing in (and the fact I'm paddling all day Saturday so no bike nor run on Saturday and its supposed to rain on Sunday; and the gardens are screaming at me again, and I need to cook some food up - BLAH! Whine, Whine). I had to go to a conference from 6:00 to 9:00 in Kutztown so I got zilch in yesterday except the 4:00 am core work which was a switch up to the fitness ball routine (100 crunches on it with the 10 pounder on my chest, side twists with the 10 pounder, laying with my back on the fitness ball ). Even though we got home super late, I was still up at 3:45 am this morning like clockwork, and got the floor core work in (all with the 10 pounder: 40 lean-backs and go side-to-side, 50 hip-ups, 50 side-to-sides, and then 25 push-ups, 75 pole twists and 25 bends). Later today, it's another trip to the YMCA after work for another treadmill run since it sounds like its going to rain after work. Although... I may get on the bike at the Y and save the hill work for at home in the rain. Not sure yet on that - will let you know. The bike workouts are suffering right now, but I'm getting the running and weights in which is the focus at this point. I have the perfect run training grounds here at work on Harrisburg River Front, but my job is so crazy-busy right now I seldom get out for lunch. So I'm nixing the idea of running at lunch. Til next time -- keep working out! See you tomorrow or Saturday am.


DailySAHM said...

I'm exhausted just reading your post. You get up at 3:45am? That's crazy!

I'm shooting for a 6 mile run this afternoon on the Greenbelt. Then I'm going to do the ab DVD you gave me. (Again, thank you for that!)

Yesterday I swam 2 miles and then taught an hour cycling class. I was tired in the evening but then couldn't fall asleep last night. How is that even possible? I ended up going downstairs at 1am and reading until I finally fell asleep maybe around 2am?

I'm looking forward to my rest day on Saturday!

About the garden.... I haven't even touched mine yet. The seeds are started inside, but outside needs some TLC. But I figure I've got a few weeks till stuff really needs to start happening out there.

Chili said...

If you couldn't sleep, its possible you are overdoing it, and if you are tired and can't wait for the day off, you definitley are overdoing it. It's ok to rest a little and not do as much! Glad to hear I'm not the only one letting the gardening slip a little!