Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Blues - A Month In Advance

We had an interesting discussion at work on "big" birthdays -- the decade celebrations -- and our feelings at different milestones. Guys don't count in this discussion because they just don't have the emotional volatility women have! Most of us hated 30, one gal hated 40, and only one hit 50 (and 60) and she was thrilled with both. The 20-somethings didn't even join in on the conversation (bitches). I'm absolutely dreading 50. I just can't grasp it. I'm totally content with everything in my life and have no reason whatsoever to be "down", yet 50 is sucking the big one. Hubby keeps saying, "you have issues if its bothering you." So what are they? Could it have something to do with my mountain biking? I get frustrated all the time at the lack of categories for Master women in endurance mountain bike events -- now it will be worse turning 50. Guess what Mr. Race Promoter guys, we're all getting older and you're gonna need to think about categories for aging girls. I keep thinking I need to do something really big now that I'm 50. Like maybe start training for the Transylvania Epic in 2010. Just the thought of something really big like that ignites the enthusiasm which fights off the "dread" of the age thing. Maybe I should stick with the promise I made myself a couple years ago which was to do the Wilderness 101 when I turn 50. 2010 would be the year to do it. One thing is for sure - I have no plans to slow down none. Sooo... how do I combat the 50 Blues? Barf.

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