Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2009 Cap City Challenge

My 3rd Cap City Challenge is about to unfold. On Saturday, Donna Weiser, myself, and Steph Mader will challenge other Master Women teams at canoeing, mountain biking, running, and special tests for a podium spot. Two years ago Donna, me and Lynne Fickes were 2nd out of 7 other teams in our division. It was really nice to see so many women’s teams that year. Cap city is fun -- even though its an “urban” adventure race on a marked course. The mountain bike portion, I understand, is true-blue mountain biking this time around (as opposed to the Harrisburg greenbelt which is fairly flat with no obstacles other than cars!) complete with rocks, climbing, and log hopping. And I’m always ready for a good paddle – even if it IS in a canoe and not a kayak. And the run? Well…. what can I say – it’s running (blah!). The really fun part of Cap City are the challenges. The challenges are what give you your podium spot - or not. You can hammer through them in no time flat, or some will stall the team and put you behind maybe ½ to an hour. You never know what the challenge will be. From climbing rock walls to wading in the river to attempting to climb a slippy log to brain tests – they all make the “challenge” part in Cap City real. It’s a fun day, and the weather will be perfect. Can’t wait!

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DailySAHM said...

Good luck this weekend! My brother (Travis Gault) is racing with the Climbnasium team. I may or may not show up to cheer him on. I have a triathlon on Sunday. And I am REALLY nervous.