Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mountain Bike BASH!

A LOT has been going on... even though you'd never know it with my lack of posting on this site! Actually, there's been a few more updates than normal to the Rattling Creek Blog which is where I've been spending a good bit of time the past few weeks. Rick and I volunteer with trail maintenance in Weiser State forest, near our home, to keep trails open for Mountain Biking, and each year our local mountain bike club, the Rattling Creek Singletrackers, holds a "festival", so to speak, to ride those trails. This weekend - Sept 11 through the 14th, is the BASH, and we've been clearing trail the past few weekends to be ready for the riders. Most of my "exercise" (note.... not "training" any more!), has been hiking a couple miles on weekends. I, of course, am the one to carry the chainsaw -- it just couldn't be any other way! I'll get to ride on Saturday, but for the most part, my job at the BASH is registrar. I'll post some pics next week if I get a chance.

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