Friday, August 8, 2008

Rethinking That Favorite Race

While I still think CAP CITY CHALLENGE is my favorite local race (within one hour of home in Central PA) when taking into consideration all factors surrounding the racing scene and what I consider important, I can’t help but agree with the “Wise” comments on the picking of your favorite race post… if you only do one a year, why not make it a favorite and/or memorable, an epic, and not worry about the cost, or the distance, or anything else! Its really all about the fun-factor while getting some exercise anyway isn't it?!? Sooooo…. I'm rethinking that one race and what it would be. Two main ingredients -- a TEAM thing and multi sport are definites. So that means Adventure Racing. Hmmmm my favorite adventure race of all time would have to be: PA Wilds 100 (it was a one-time two-day stage race in Northern PA that covered 100 miles - awesome event ) ... or maybe the Krista Greisacker 12 Hour Adventure race, or maybe the Savage .... I can't pick one! They all rock. Goals ARA really puts on good races and I'd surely continue to consider one of their races. The Krista (picture) was truly memorable -- three racers and their packs and 3 bikes in a canoe for 8 miles of low water! OMG that was tough. In reality -- in the grand racing scheme of things these days - I'm such a dreamer. But we can dream, can't we?

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