Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Could You Call Your Dog Please"

Boy dogs piss me off -- especially when they stop you from riding and won't let you move. Bastards. I planned on getting out on a nice 20 mile road ride today to figure out if I can still ride. I went a route I always go and the one farm must have gotten two new dogs. The one didn't count - it was a chiuahua (I think), but the other was some sort of rottweiler (my FAVORITE dog!) and it seemed kinda friendly at first. But being skittish after crashing on one dog and having another bite me in the calf, I stopped to make sure the rotty wouldn't do anything weird. He started circling me! Bastard. And everytime I'd try to go, he would come after me and start barking a little more. I kept yelling at him because that seemed to keep him backed off enough that I wasn't fearing for my life (HA!). After about 2 minutes, I think the owner heard the ruckus and came out and I politely said, "could you call your dog please?" And he did, and the dog immediately went home. The chiuahua was just watching and followed the rotty home. Bastards.

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