Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Complaining About Olympic Coverage of Events

Ok, I admit we don't have that new-fangled TV from a cable or satellite, and the only channel we can watch is NBC (Channel 8) and its fuzzy 'cause the antenna is getting covered by some weeds that I haven't been able to get out and pull, but why can't that one major network provide a little more coverage of the many events going on at the olympics? I've had just about enough of 4 days of beach volleyball, 4 days of swimming in every shape, form, and manner, and 2 nights now of gymnastics and sychronized diving. WTF!? Today, is whitewater kayaking finals -- in the middle of the afternoon!! Wouldn't it be nice to show bits and peices of it tonight in primetime? But No....its not on the schedule. We NEED to see even more swimming and diving. I'm so bummed. I think I'm done watching unless they decide to change up events. I'd like to see the triathlon too -- or even mountain biking! But that would certainly be asking way to much. Bastards.

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