Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Lowly Push-up

Years past, my winter training for cycling and multi-sport always included regular trips to the YMCA to give the weight machines and free weights a little workout. I read that cyclists can improve leg power with regular weightlifting. They also recommended a couple upper body exercises to prepare for the jarring and technical workout (not to mention falling) that comes along with mountain biking. This winter, I find a new training plan that states, "we aren't bodybuilders" and only recommends several core exercises and the one and only upper body strength builder you need -- the push-up. From my training plan, "Add push ups twice a week. 3 sets. First set for warm up, 2nd and 3rd sets as many as you can do. Push ups are my all time favorite exercise for all around upper body strength." I started thinking about this, "OMG... how will I keep my strength without the lat pull-down machine? I can't live without my chest-press - or tricep dips. And holly hannah - my bicep curls and shoulder presses. Where will I get my definition from??" Well guess what Chili, the lowly push-up does it all! Long before weight rooms and free weights, man (very few women did push-ups back in the day!) was doing push-ups and building a bunch of strength and muscles in the process. Shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, back, core, legs, and even butt muscles are ALL engaged with one push of body weight a mere 8 inches. The mechanics of a push-up work soooo many muscles at once, that your body can't help but become stronger. "As a symbol of health and wellness, nothing surpasses the simple push-up" states an article in the New York Times. So there you have it. You don't need weights or machines to build definition and strength. All you need is your good old body weight. And it's free and can be done anywhere, anytime. Now drop and give me 10!

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It's PRIMAL!!!