Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chili's First Ride at Raystown Lake, PA - The Allegrippis Trail Network

Interesting trail system. There wasn't a log in sight and there was a guy out blowing leaves off the trails. There were very few tiny rocks and no lung-bursting long climbs. This was definitely a totally new experience for me. To be honest, I was missing the rocks and log hopping. Yes my friends, I'm one of the few that can't rave about the Allegrippis trails. Don't get me wrong, Rick and I were super-duper impressed with the trailwork that went into the system. The builders clearly put some TLC and sweat equity into the network. It's obvious there was a ton of planning, designing, and volunteers to make it happen. The bench cutting is incredible, not to mention the layout and the tons and tons of dirt hauled to create the pump-track effect. For all those reasons -- cheers to the trail designers and builders. Job well done guys and girls and kudos to all involved. But it just wasn't the style of mountain biking I've grown accustomed with and love. Rick and I both commented how much we liked the natural flowing sections that followed the contours of the land, and then all of sudden -- whoops! Who put that huge mound of dirt there? It was flowing SOOOOO nicely, then shit! Another moto-crossish mound of dirt. Rick nor I were enjoying some of those dirt piles - especially the steeper ones because we both weren't using momentum like the trails were intended to be ridden. I was hanging on the brakes on the downhills and didn't make some of the uphill sections. But then again, this was our first time. Maybe, with practice, it would be more fun for both of us. At some point though, I'll have to learn to ride these trails 'cause I'm doing 46 miles of them next June! Yes, I'll go again (I have to!), but after the TSE next year, I may not make the trip much. Rick and I both agreed its not worth the long drive 'cause its not our preferred style of riding. Give me some logs to hop and rocks to roll over. Throw in a couple mountains to climb and I'm in mountain biking heaven.

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