Sunday, November 28, 2010

Icing on the Rest Week Cake

It was only 6.75 training hours this week -- 6.75 gloriously easy, restful, re-energizing hours. And the better part of rest week hours? It's about the only time Rick will ride with me and I LOVE riding with my hubby. Thank god it got warm enough for him to ride today because as of last night, he was not going to ride with the high temps only to be around 42 today (probably only in the high 30s in the woods -- WAY too cold for Mr. Brown). The temps made it to about 45 with no wind and it was very comfortable. We rode some of the Lykens Watershed sections of the Rattling Creek trails for about 1.75 hrs and only saw two other riders (compared to last week's packed parking lot and about 2 dozen riders). Dean went with us today. He was thrilled to get out two weeks in a row and I'm thrilled that we are getting acquainted again without him beating up on me too much. He's really not too bad of a guy once you get to know him. It was a delightfully, relaxing day - a delightfully restful weekend.

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