Saturday, October 9, 2010

Training for the Transylvania Epic - 7-1/2 months Worth!

Been doing some research on training for my big vacation next year -- 7 days straight of riding mountain bike. I have the 12-weeks prior to the event nailed down, but I've since found another training site specific to the BC 7-day Mountain Bike Stage Race in Canada. Here is their training suggestions. One of the reasons I entered TSE is because the training plan I got is doable. No more than 15 hours a week training in the 12-week period prior to the May 29-June 4 event. I can handle that. The BC Bike Race Training plan is a little more hours than that AND they have a winter 12-week training plan along with a down-period to do some cross-training (running!) and weight workouts. The BC Website has good info and I plan to do add the winter training. It's a BUNCH of hours on the trainer which I'm used to doing from years past and isn't a problem adding (note to self; get new tunes!). I'll also plan to continue to run as much as I can and of course weights twice a week along with my daily core work. Core work will be very, very important to prevent the back pain that could creep up on me maybe in the 5th day or so of the TSE. You gotta have a strong core. Lastly, with all this training, I'm encouraged and enthused to finally drop some extra poundage. Hopefully, 10 pounds will disappear in the next 6 months. It's gonna be a "fit" winter!

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