Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebrating the B-Day

Last year I was in tears over turning 50. This year I decided to embrace my 51st and celebrate it. How? Why riding mountain bike, of course. I wanted to test the waters to see if my endurance and power on singletrack is still there (its been a while) to train for the TSE (Transyslvania Epic). Yup, it is. 22.7 miles later (all but 3.1 miles singletrack) and still in one piece and not feeling too bad about it, I succeeded at riding the entire Rattling Creek loop in honor of my 51 years. Yesterday, I rode 2 hours on my cross bike. So I guess that means I can get through the first two days of the TSE, huh? Cool. I'll be slow, but who cares -- at least I'm doing it. And the icing on the Birthday Cake is coming home to my present from my hubby. He carefully and artistically arranged all the ingredients on a pizza stone in prep for homemade pizza he made me. My birthday card was in the middle of the ingredients. He's SO thoughtful! I love him. And this year, I'm proud to be 51 and still able to ride mountain bike.

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DailySAHM said...

Awww... how nice of Ricky.

You are the most amazing 51 year old chick I know. You should indeed be proud!