Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prepping to Train to Train

Isn't periodization grand? You prep to train. Then you train to train. Then you really go at. I think they call it Prep, Base, Build, Race; and it covers as much as a 30+ week period. Good old Joel Friel's Training Bible works every time - even years after its publication. Chris Eatough's 12-week plan to do the Transylvania Epic covers that Build/Race period, and the base period is the 12 weeks prior to the Build. Right now, I'm "prepping" with some easy, fun, long stuff -- just enjoying my weekends and the beautiful weather. Weight lifting is part of the scheme too with twice a week sessions at the YMCA focusing on leg work. Presses, squats, lunges, hammy machine, and a handful of upper body drills keep all the muscles in check and hopefully build some strength for lots of climbing. And the running I so much adored and felt it was really helping the fitness? It's been put on hold. I'm so enthused about riding right now that that's all I wanna do. So I am.

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