Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Life is full of hic-cups, ain't it? Chili is trying to get back on track now that family issues are causing the road to detour, but she'll eventually figure it all out. There's rumor she might be changing jobs at work too now that her politcally-appointed boss headed back to Philadelphia. ARGH! The new job will be a fun challenge though - very rewarding. For now, the biking/running/kayaking/adventure fun is minimal, but with the BASH coming up, how can she NOT get a little excited about mountain biking? Especially, when fine folks like Sir Bikes a-Lot make videos of the Rattling Creek Trails. This is the funniest website. It's bikers are from North Carolina and my favorites are Sir Toots a-Lot and Sir Bio-hazard. Sir Toots a-lot can break wind on command. Ha! Oh-so-typical mountainbiker fun stuff. LOVE mountainbikers. I wonder if these guys ride singlespeed?!

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