Friday, July 30, 2010

Update on Training and Momma

The biking was officially eliminated to the barest minimum to allow more time for helping momma. That's the training that takes the most time and gives the most time to tend to parental needs. Running will continue -- even long runs take no longer than 2 hrs so I'll keep up the running and kayaking after work.

Mother: Two emergency room visits diagnosed her with an inflamed sacroiliac. They took an x-ray, gave her pain meds and oral steroids, told her to see her orthopedic doctor and sent her home. The orthropedic doctor told her yesterday, "You have a serious problem. I'm surprised the emergency room didn't admit you the last time you were there to conduct further tests." She's going for an MRI and the Orth doc actually wanted to admit her to the hospital, or get her doped up and sit at home. She opted to get doped up and sit at home because she paid $60 bucks to see CATS on Sunday and refuses to miss it. He thinks she has a fractured hip. He asked her if she was ever diagnosed with osteoporosis or smoked. No to the Osteo and yes to smoking. After a little research this morning, its common for hip fractures/vertebrae fractures even without falling for people with osteoporosis. Smoking doesn't help the deteriorating bone. More to come when I hear the results of the MRI and next Doc visit. In the meantime, its running in the early am, walking at lunch when its cool, kayaking after work, and helping the old gal with cooking/cleaning/washing clothes/etc. Poor thing. I will NEVER stop exercising or eating healthy foods. BTW, cycling and swimming and not good weight-bearing exercises to help prevent osteoporsis. Walking, jogging, running, jumping and weightlifing (free weights only) are the recommended exercises. And get your calcium! And don't smoke.

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DailySAHM said...

Your mom is lucky to have you! I hope she enjoys CATS!