Monday, July 19, 2010

Rattling Weekend Training Recap #2

Plans are made to go awry, right? Last week and this weekend were incredibly out-of-whack to the normal routine; thus, the training was screwed up too. The 9-mile trail run turned into an out-and-back 8.8 (I think) on mostly flat road with a walking climb to the top of a mountain in Marysville while Rick paddled in the Narrows. The 18 mile mountain bike turned into a 28 mile hilly road/fire road cyclocross bike ride with a dirt-road mountain climb. I guess that's ok. I'm so anal and think it just had to be on the trails in Weiser to be ready for the Rattling Double header, but that just couldn't happen with relatives in from Florida and other things going on. So I had to squeeze the training in at places it would fit. This weekend should be back on track, so I plan to be in Weiser State Forest bright and early Saturday morning for a 10-mile trail run. If the trails are dry, I think I'll do the mountain bike immediately after the run. Rick will be kayaking all day, so the day is mine. Sunday is a day of playing in the new play boat. It's SOOO fun.