Monday, May 3, 2010

Tough Mudder Bear Creek Event Report - Part One

This will be a multi-part race report because there was SO much that happened there's no way I can possibly get it into one post. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Absolutely everything about it... the Team (remember it wasn't a race, so we all helped each other and simply had a blast), the venue (Bear Creek was WELL prepared for 5,000 people plus spectators -- 28 porta potties were lined up), the organizers (I can't quite figure out how they had every minor detail nailed down -- even the plastic on the rugs in the lodge, fire hoses, and hundreds of volunteers), the course itself and obstacles (we did them all except for the one they shut down just after we opted out of the 1/2 hour wait), the post-party (5,000 people drinking Dog Fish Beer? Yup, even I drank an Indian Nut brown and got a buzz), the costumes (folks got awards for best costumes and there were some dandies - Elvis!) and the icing on the cake to start the day, the VIP Parking "Dallas, we have a white venture van headed your way) and the security cleared the way for us to park at the closest parking spot we could possibly have. Our team did awesome and it took us about two hours -- even with Kera's gimpy ankle which she didn't run on in two weeks and handled today beautifully, Preston who wasn't really focusing on training, Ryan who recently lost 35 pounds by running, and three other guys that were friends of Ryan who were in pretty good shape and got ahead of us - Crawford, Dane, and Brian. We all rocked the course. The course was actually not bad. It definitely wasn't the hardest thing I ever done. Yes, there was mud EVERYWHERE. Yes, there was fire, but it was about 5 feet (or more) on each side of us(no, we didn't have to run "through" it), Yes, there were really, really steep hills to walk up (we all thought that was the absolute hardest challenge), yes there was SNOW (don't how they pulled that one off), yes, the water temps in the ponds and mud pits were 45-50 (don't know how they did that either -- some said dry ice), and yes, we carried logs up part of the slope (that was easy). What was REALLY entertaining was the post-party. Lots of Dog-fish lushes who were having a really good time. To all my friends -- YOU GOTTA DO THIS NEXT YEAR!!! More to come.... we'll upload Ricky's pictures too and give you the link. It was $92.00 very well spent. think 24-hours of Big Bear and quadruple the fun.

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