Sunday, May 16, 2010

More of the Lehigh River and a Little Road Running

Guess what Rick and I did on Saturday? Yup... whitewater kayaking on the Lehigh river. It was the first release of the season and there was no way Rick was going to miss it. It turned out to be a nice group of 17 from the Canoe Club of the Greater Harrisburg Area. You can see all the pics from the day here and get the list of folks who were in our group. We ended up splitting up into a group of 8 and 9 'cause some like to stop at every little bump in the river and play in it. And then we split down to five after Mike had a little accident in No Way rapid (one of the more difficult rapids on the river) and he hit his lower lip on a rock and cracked it open. Not a pretty sight and we wanted to get him off the river so he could get to an emergency room. Nine stitches later, he's doing fine and the doc said he can get back in the water next weekend. It was a loooonnnggg day, but fun nonetheless.

And today I had all intentions to hit the Rattling Creek trails for a nice long run and bike ride; but when I got up, I simply didn't feel like driving anywhere so I opted for a nice 10.22 mile back-road run for almost 2 hours. I was super-duper slow, but who cares. I made the distance without any problems. I'm always thinking of running lately (and NOT biking!) and have a half planned for June, a 21K for July and was looking for something for August. Low and behold, I had forgotten that Kuhn was planning a 25K for the weekend of the Rattling 50. So if he still is doing it, I'm in. I'll be back on a bike on Tuesday for a nice 20 mile road ride home from Millersburg while Rick takes his mother to the dentist. It'll probably take me two hours to ride it -- oh well, it's all good, right?! Ha! And how was YOUR weekend?

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