Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Happenings - or NOT Happenings

Mother nature just wasn't cooperating today. We finally planned a nice ride on the Rattling Creek trails -- Rick and Keith the check things out to get ready for the BASH, and me to ride with my Cap City team mate, Steph Mader. And it rains! So we cancelled. It was kinda funny; Keith kept saying he was bringing "a friend that doesn't ride much," and when I talked to Steph, she said, "is Keith riding with us?" and I said yes. She said, "my boyfriend is coming up to ride with Keith." Small world! While Keith was lining up his work buddy, Ryan, and I was lining up riding with Steph, both Keith and I were telling each other, "oh, I'm bringing a friend" and it turns out the friends are friends! Ha... Keith and I both laughed. So the trainer entertained me this morning while it rained. Yesterday was fun too... an early morning hour run, then to the "the ledge" at the Rockville Bridge for a little kayaking in 5 ft waters. The bike with the trailer and the kayak is none other than Sam Mummert's. Who else would do this?

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