Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paddling Observer

Last night Rick and I had a watcher while we paddled in and around the rocks just above the Rockville Bridge near Marysville. We ran into this guy here before -- it must be good fishing at the Bridge. In the past, he would start flying as soon as he saw us (usually about the same time we spy him), but last night this gorgeous fellow left us get within 10 yards of him. Mr. Bald Eagle was either tired or full from eating, but he didn't flap his huge wings until we were almost on top of him. And when he finally did take off, he only flew about 100 yards away to a neighboring rock. He musta just got done eating one of those 40 pound river carp and was weighted too much to get much height to fly! Ha. What beautiful creatures. Probably one of the most awesome sights to see in nature. And of all nights, Rick didn't have the camera along! It was a perfect photo op. No, this ain't my picture, damn it.

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