Monday, August 24, 2009

"It's Getting a Woodie"

This is blog-worthy and funny as hell. Donna and I went to a canning class (yup... learning to can fruits and vegetables like your grandma did!) in Carlisle at the Kitchen Shoppe. If you've never been there, it's really cool and you could spend way too much money fairly quickly. It was a hands-on class learning to hot-water bath can and pressure can. The pressure canning was time intensive and you spent a lot of time watching the pot, so to speak to. There was a little gauge on our cooker that started to rise as the pressure rose. Donna says to me, "It's getting a woodie." And she chuckles. The gal standing next to me was watching her pot too and overheard Donna's comment. And the gal says to me, "What's a Woodie?" OMG. I said, "never mind." as I looked a Donna with a slight smirk (trying to contain my outburst of laughter just about ready to erupt). And this poor gal is looking SOOOO lost and bewildered. So I whispered in her ear, "an erection". "Oh." She says. And we changed the subject. Me and donna were the hippest in the class, IMHO. We are hip canners. Modern day canners? Oh, the PASA (PA Association of Sustainable Agriculture) gal was pretty cool and hip too.