Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Training Adjustment

With the official start of Xterra races just about 4 weeks away, the training focus is now officially switched to higher intensity with a bit more concentration on improving run speed and swimming. I'd certainly like to get faster at swimming, but for now (after my clinic on Saturday), I really need to concentrate on getting the stroke corrected first, then, maybe, I can think about some speed. Rick didn't realize it, but he said something last night that made me feel MUCH better about my swim. Rick is a difficult guy to get to say much that you know he's serious -- he never wants to say the wrong thing, so he'll say what he thinks I want to hear. But last night I caught him in a serious moment (its rare, but I know when it happens!), and I asked him if he saw any improvement in my swimming. He swam with me, and hasn't for at least 3 months. And he said, yes, a little! So thank you Ricky Brown! My training is now 3 sessions of each sport per week, with a paddle with Mr. Brown and crew thrown in on the weekends (he wants me to slip one in during the week too, which is doable). Yes, only 3 bike rides a week!! This is the biggest of changes...the past two years were 7-day a week biking alternating ez/hard days. So I'm actually enjoying the idea of laying off the bike for a change. When I DO do the bike sessions, they will be intervals. No more ez days. The training schedule on the sidebar was updated.

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