Monday, April 7, 2008

Nailing Down an "Adjustable" Training Plan

Can it be done? A training plan that can be adjusted as necessary to accomodate kayaking, tiredness, Ricky Brown's road rides once it finally gets nice enuf, grass mowing, gardening, and American Idol? Sure, why not... There finally seems to be some sense to this crazy how-do-I-train-and-what-am-I-training for confusion with long rides, Xterras, swimming and now on top of it all, crashing fatigue which actually was what helped figure it all out.
  1. I mentioned earlier the focus - short (sprint and olympic distance) multi-sport. Xterra and Adventure racing mostly.
  2. Now that I know ANY race I do -- even if I term it "for training" -- is going to wipe me out, it was easy to cross off some races to open some weekends for easier training (and flexibility with kayking/gardening/etc).
  3. Kayaking and road bike rides with Mr. Brown are EZ days (recovery!), thus, once he tells me what and when he has planned in a week, I can adjust the harder days to the day before these ez days - niiiccceee.
  4. Non-race weekends are just like the sidebar training plan says -- 3, 4 hours of any combo of swim/bike/run/paddle. If I'm tired, I'll only do one day. The key is one, good, long endurance day each week.

Bottom line? I'm gonna attempt to do two hard workouts during the week (bike,swim,run combos), ez days in between the hard workouts, then endurance on the weekend, totalling about 10-12 hours a week. Every 4th week is a rest week with training hours cut to 60-70% of the norm. I think this will work!

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