Sunday, June 19, 2011

Putting Out The Trash

It's exactly two weeks since finishing the TSE. The majority of folks that enter this type of event are hard-core riders -- in it for the long haul. Amanda Carey, the girls overall winner at TSE, went on to win the Lumberjack 100 yesterday. It's obvious her TSE win and fitness is going strong. Three of the top 5 female finishers were also at the TSE. We've been told about this time- two weeks of recovering from the Epic - we'll be feeling strong and ready to do some serious biking. I kinda felt it yesterday, but I'm now letting that thing called life get back in my way. My ride was 1.25 hrs. The plan for 3 hrs first thing in the morning was delayed due to fog. So my mom, the garden, and cooking got in the way and the ride was shortened to 1.25 hrs. Today is a paddle with hubby. Next weekend is busy with motherly assistance, and the following weekend is the 4th of July weekend. AND THERE AIN'T NO BIKING IN THE MIX. Yup, I'm putting all the training and success of finishing the TSE out for the garbage man to pick up. There are no plans to cash-in on the fitness. Is that a waste? Is it a shame to see the bike legs disappear into the onion patch? Some folks are likely cringing at the thought and couldn't imagine committing the time and effort, then let it go to waste. Others may see the logic and realize there's life off the saddle. Part of me is devastated to let it go. It was a LONG 8 months of training. But the larger part of me is finally getting things back in order again. I guess I'm truly a creature of habit and prefer to spend time in the backyard, with hubby, or helping my mom. I can't seem to get away from dirt under my fingernails and hubby's obsession with kayaking. Heck, I even found time to sit on my patio and finish a book I've been reading for too many months now. Fitness, though, is still heavy on my mind. Yes, the endurance is gonna disappear with the bike legs, but staying fit will stay. The plan is two hours of purposeful movement a day and an uber-healthy diet. The movement will be what I feel: running, walking, stretching, biking, kayaking, weight-lifting, gardening, or swimming. The idea is to simply move. Yes, and putting the trash out counts too.

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