Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kayak Skills and Strength - Where Are You?

Guess what I discovered the past two weeks since taking a break from biking? When you do nothing but ride a bike for 8 months, that's pretty much all you can do AFTER you're done training to ride. My running days are over. I have a physical ailment that raises it's ugly head while running and it's at its worst now that I haven't run in almost 9 months. I think I can hike without the ailment causing too much distress, so I may give that a try at some point. And my other love, kayaking, is a bit less than normal too. It took me four trips on the water to realize my kayak strength is gone and needs rebuilt. Sections of the Dauphin Narrows that I could attain through semi-easily are now a huge struggle. Rick keeps saying, "what's wrong?" And the answer is simple -- I got out of my routine to keep my strength up! We used to regularly go to the YMCA and I'd used the lat pull-down which is a key muscle group for kayaking strength along with working the biceps, traps and other muscles along the spine and in the shoulders. I haven't worked my lats in over 9 months. The only upper body move I've been doing is push-ups and the only muscle used in the push and in kayaking is the tricep. Down river runs are ok, but attaining will need some work. Strength-building, here I come. Get me up the river again.

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brett said...

bein' a one-sport wonder is a quick way to rehab! i should know!