Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Clown and the Amish in the Humdinger Trail Run

There’s nothing like a day of laughter, exercise, beer-drinking (you got beads if you drank a glass at the water stops), and all-around good times. Today was one of those days and Sheena and I had a blast running in our get-ups. She was a perfect mismatched clown and I was, well, let the pictures speak for themselves. The stares were in full force ‘cause folks just weren’t quite sure if it was real or not. One gal said to me at the start (as I was mouthing to the race director that we couldn’t hear him): “oh, I get it – it’s a costume. Some people were saying there’s an Amish guy running the race.” Oh what fun.

"Oh, I get it.... it's a costume.   People were saying there was an Amish running the race."

An Amish in the group!

Sheena heading toward the finish.
The winner of the best dressed was a young man dressed in a dress with full makeup.  He looked beautiful.  Greg and Rick heard him talk at one point and thought for a second it was a girl.   Sheena was faster than me and unsure of her time; but I finished in about 1:28.  We won’t know where we placed amongst our age groups for a couple of days.  They just put our names on a big board and you have to stand and take the time to read each one to see where you finished in your age group and I didn’t feel  taking the time.  Great day, great weather, great fun. Thanks Sheena and River Town Race Series.  Full set of pictures courtesy Ricky Brown here.

Happy runners eating soup, Courtesy Rivers Town Race Series.  Yum!  Thanks guys.

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