Friday, February 10, 2012

Week Five Results - Loser at Work

There's only one week to go and my team, the Chubublicans, are still in contention to win.  The scorekeeper won't share the overall tally to keep the incentive going for everyone to work hard, but one of the Chubs team members is keeping her own score and based on her numbers, we're still in first after week five in both total weight loss and percentage. The weight loss totals are very close with a 3 pound difference between first and second.  The Chubs are at 79.9 total pounds lost after 5 weeks.   The percentage of weight loss is the key to win and below is what we think the standings are after week five.  It pays to have a lightweight on the team to boost the percentage!  I'm not a numbers person, and hubby is, and he thinks we have a pretty good buffer from the second place team and could possibly win.  Of course I'm exercising my ass off trying to drop another 2 by Tuesday to keep that percentage high.  I'm tired though.  And ready to eat some cake - or anything with SUGAR.

TOTAL Percentage Loss of All Teams:
Thin It To Win It                   4.85
Processing Not Included        3.18
Victorious Secrets                 3.42
The Number Crunchers         5.89
Chubublicans                         6.37
Mission Slimpossible            3.07
Winners                                 5.682
Reducing Government Waste  5.05
Burgers in Our Sites                 4.48

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