Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm Retired!

From work that is, but not from working out.  I knew for months I was retiring from my desk job yesterday, but not until after I officially left and started my post working-world retirement exercise routine, did it finally sink in.  Sooo..... I think I'll start this Chilibloggin thang back up to keep me honest:  keep me on track for working out and getting back in shape again.  Heck, I have time now!  There are NO excuses any more.  Moby's Play is 63 minutes, and that's a perfect timeframe for a weight workout, not to mention Moby's incredibly inspiring music.   This was a GOOD weight workout  -- not this hurry-up-I-got-other-things-to-do routine that plagued me for years (and kept me from relaxing).  Here's what it was like:

Core to warm up:
50 seated lean-back side-to-sides with a weighted ball (don't know the technical name)
50 bent-leg side-to-sides on back with weighted ball (don't know the technical name)

Dumbells!  All exercises were with 8 pound dumbbells (Planning to build the weight -- just did very light weight to get me back in the swing of things again):
3 sets x 15 or 20 reps each exercise
Side bends
Shoulder presses
Bicep curls
Standing pull-ups
Dead lifts

On the fitness ball:
Chest flys (I think that's what they are called)
Chest press
Side-to-side with weighted ball

Sitting on the floor:
tricep extensions (10 lb. weighted ball)

I'm back baby!  Flabby menopausal belly, GO AWAY!  teehee.


The Wiser Weiser said...

So, how are you feeling today?? ;-)

Chili said...


Suzie Thomas said...

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