Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breakin' Out The Skis

Finally! You'd think living in Pennsylvania we'd get a good bit of skiing during the winter months, eh? Not....seems our winters have left us of late - its cold, but little snow. Rick and I bought backcountry skis during an incredibly snowy winter -- I think it was 2002 or 2003 -- and we haven't used them much since. Each year, we look forward to the snow predictions and the forecasts end up fizzling out on us. Sure, we could travel to a ski resort, but we just aren't into 4 hour trips of late. The other thing I bought in 2002 was a good pair of snowshoes -- and I have YET to use them! Snowshoes require a really good snow base with all rocks/debris covered, usually about a foot of snow and we haven't seen that kind of snowfall in years. Someday, maybe, I'll get to use them someday.

In the meantime, we finally had a chance to get our skis out today. The cover was barely enough to ski on here at home, so on a whim, at 9:30 this morning we decided to head north to Crystal Lake, near Williamsport, PA. Sure enough, they had a foot of cover and the trails were awesome. We had forgotten how skate-ski friendly Crystal lake is. The trails are groomed nicely and plenty wide for the skaters. But Jill is fat and out of shape, so her skate skis stayed at home. I'm not so sure I could handle that torture anymore. So if anyone is a women's size 9 shoe, and 5'7" tall, I have a nice pair of skate skis and shoes for ya!

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Nice! it really saddens us too at the lack of snow...we hiked with our Katoola's on saturday and sunday! ;)